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          Begin a transformative journey towards a healthier, fitter, and more positive version of YOU – where wellness meets motivation, and positivity becomes your lifestyle.

          Sculpt the physique you've always desired



          As a devoted bodybuilder, fitness coach, life coach and fitness photographer based in Sydney, Australia, I specialise in capturing the essence of beauty, strength, and determination.

          Empowering Your Body Fitness Through A Visual Journey.



          Crafted with care in Australia using the finest natural ingredients and handmade therapeutic essential oil blends by Body Temple are designed to enhance your body’s well-being and promote optimal skin health.

          100% certified organic ingredients

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meet morgan langford

Dr of osteopathy • Coach • pro body Builder

meet Morgan Langford

I’m an experienced Dr of Osteopathy, Women’s Holistic Transformation Coach, Pro Body Builder, & Photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

Having a keen interest and passion for empowering women, I’m not just a coach, I’m your advocate, for developing a more vibrant and confident version of yourself. Through structured programming, habit stacking and lifestyle hacks, I will help you build your self-confidence to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Whether you’re an athlete seeking peak performance or an individual working to achieve your fitness goals, my programs have been tried and tested to deliver results.



Embarking on my professional journey at the age of 16, I initially pursued a career as a beauty therapist and make-up artist. My early experiences led me to a unique opportunity to travel the world aboard on cruise ships at the age of 19.

During my time abroad, a significant life event occurred – my mother suffered a brain haemorrhage. This pivotal life event was my catalyst into transitioning my career into the health and wellness space.

In 2003, watching my mother’s long recovery journey, inspired me to re-train in allied health. Taking a leap, I applied to the University of Western Sydney and was accepted into osteopathic medicine.

Upon completing my master’s degree, I worked in private clinics in Sydney, working predominantly in women’s health, and children’s health. Additionally, I shared my knowledge by teaching anatomy, nutrition, and massage at TAFE NSW.

In 2010, I expanded my expertise by obtaining certificates III and IV in fitness and  500hr yoga teacher certificate from Power Living Yoga, in Sydney, where I taught for 5 years.

In 2015, my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Witnessing her decline in health and eventual passing, I began to research the link between resistance to addressing and healing trauma and the pathophysiological impact it has on the body.

The memory of my mum fuels my commitment to support women; educating them about the connection between psycho-emotional state and physical and preventative health, helping them overcome their emotional blocks, build healthy habits and thought processes, and enabling them to emerge as more resilient, confident versions of themselves. My mission is to empower women to embrace their full potential.

overcoming grief and choosing myself


Competing was always on my bucket list…

As long as I can remember I have always admired strong, athletic-looking women because I knew how much work and effort went into getting their bodies to peak levels of conditioning.

My decision to prep to get on stage started in 2016 coming off the back end of my mum’s passing and leaving a DV relationship. At the time my confidence was broken, I was full of self-doubt, and I was so angry.
body temple by morgan langford training
I had a background in yoga, but sitting in meditation and trying to practice gratitude just wasn’t working for me…. I needed a different outlet. Weightlifting provided that outlet to work on moving through my anger and grief and to also help build my confidence back. With every rep, I felt not only physically but also mentally stronger.

The preparation process not only transformed my physique but also instilled the discipline, resilience, and self-reliance necessary to free myself from repeating the toxic pattern that led to the abusive relationship.

Through the relentless pursuit of my well-being, breaking through the generational trauma and patterning of female martyrdom, I showed up for myself daily, I embraced the empowerment of weightlifting, and I reclaimed my confidence.
body temple by morgan langford online comp prep coaching 1

“Training helped me to connect with my warrior architype.
With every rep, finesse in technique over time, the foundations of self-resilience
and self-confidence grew and with that not only my physique transformed, but my whole life shifted.”

online coaching


I was the proud owner of a thriving multi-disciplinary allied health clinic in North Sydney from 2016 to 2019. I realised my true passion lies in empowering women through online coaching and photography.

In 2019, I decided to put my coaching methods to the test by personally undergoing my own protocols in preparation for my 4th WBFF show, where I won my pro card in the bikini division.
body temple by morgan fitness training
Since then, I’ve gone on to win my WBFF Australian Fitness Title, and successfully guided numerous clients to compete, achieve placements, and attain their pro status with numerous federations. My expertise extends beyond the competitive realm, catering to everyday women who are also striving to achieve their body and mindset goals.

your dreams
come to life

My commitment lies in assisting women at every stage of life, whether you find yourself:
If any of these scenarios resonate with you, let’s get started on your journey together to achieve the optimal shape of your life through personalised health and wellness guidance.
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the body temple Osteo clinic

As a qualified osteopath, I help my patients improve their posture and body mechanical function, pain relief, and I advise them on optimising their overall health and lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

“There is no better feeling of when you can help someone feel special, confident, and deserving.”


Through my own path of competing and cultivating a brand on social media, I discovered a profound love for the entire process. What initially began as a hobby soon evolved as I worked with coaching clients, guiding them through competitions and photoshoot preparations, ultimately leading me to photograph my own clients.

Stepping in front of the camera can be a nerve-wracking experience! Drawing from my firsthand encounters with posing on stage and coaching clients through posing practices, I’ve seamlessly integrated these skills into my photography work.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to merge my passion for photography with my commitment to serving a specific audience—women in transition, and women on the uplevel to a more confident version of themselves.

Through my lens, I aim to empower and reaffirm their beauty and worth capturing their unique vibe and style.

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