Meet Dr. Morgan health coach photographer body builder


Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)
Master of Osteopathy (UWS)
Graduate Certificate Neonatal and Infant Paediatric Manual Therapy (VU)
Registered Australian Osteopath
Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation
Certificate III and IV Fitness
500 hr Yoga Teacher Training (Power Living, Agama Yoga)
Perinatal Yoga Diploma (Birthlight)
Myofascial Acupuncture/Dry Needling Certified
N.E.T Kinesiology Practitioner




Morgan left school at 16 and first qualified as a beauty therapist and make-up artist. At 19 this lead her to travel the world on cruise ships.

While away, her mum had a brain haemorrhage. This was a major catalyst for Morgan moving into the health and wellness space.

In 2003 while her mum was recoveringfrom her brain injury, Morgan was inspired to re-train in the allied health industry and she applied for uni and was accepted into osteopathic medicine at UWS. 

Upon completion of her master’s degree Morgan worked in numerous private clinics in Sydney (with a focus in pregnancy, women’s and children’s health). She also taught anatomy, massage, and nutrition modules at TAFE NSW.

In 2010 Morgan completed her certificate III and IV in fitness, and then found her passion for yoga where she completed her 500hr yoga teacher certifate at Power Living Yoga and then went on to teach at the Bondi and Neutral Bay studios for 5 years.

In 2015 Morgan’s mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and Morgan observed how her mum struggled to address her own trauma before she passed away.

Morgan’s mum’s memory is a major driver for her passion to help women move through and heal their trauma and blocks so they can become their most resilient and confident versions of themselves.


Morgan’s journey into body building came from her own unconscious patterns, struggling with processing her grief for her mum and entered into a toxic and abusive relationship. 

Morgan knew something was missing and something needed to change to get her out of the emotional roller coaster she was living after her mum passed. 

She had always admired strong women and the dedication they put into their physiques and warrior mindset it required to achieve their goals. 

Morgan signed on with her first coach Hattie Boydle and the Sports Model Project to prep for her first bikini competition in 2017.

Prepping taught her the discipline and resilience she needed to finally break away from the relationship after two AVOs.

Fighting for herself and showing up for herself everyday and getting strong weight lifting helped Morgan rebuild her confidence.

“Training helped me to connect with my inner warrior and boss bitch. With every rep, finess in technique over time, and with every PB the foundations of self-resilience and self-trust grew and with that not only my physique transformed, but my whole life shifted.”

Morgan owned a multi-disciplinary allied health clinic in North Sydney from 2016 – 2019 but then felt she wanted to work with women specifically in the online coaching space.

In 2019 Morgan wanted to test her own methods as a coach by taking herself through her own coaching protocols to prep for her 4th WBFF show where she won her pro card in bikini division.

She now has numerous clients who have also competed, placed, and won their pro status, as well as everyday women looking to work towards their body and mindset goals.

Morgan is passionate about helping women of all stages, in whatever transiton or process they are moving through whether:

– you are feeling stuck where you are and you’re not getting the results or support you need

– you want to feel sexy and confident in your skin and prep for a photoshoot

– you’re a mum and you’re ready to start working on and for yourself again

 – you’re in the peri-menopausal/menopausal stage and you’re finding it harder to maintain your weight 

– you have poor body image and you’re really critical of yourself. You want guidance on how to find a balance of working towards your best self in a compassionate and healthy way

– you’re transitioning through a challenging life period and you need support to get you back on track by instilling healthy and self-serving habits and behaviours

If this sounds like you click ‘apply to join my team’ to get started on your health and wellness journey…..

Through her own journey of competing and building her brand on social media Morgan did a number of photoshoots and fell in love with the process. Photography was a hobbie initially and through working with her coaching clients into competition and photoshoot prep she started photographing her own clients.

Getting in front of the camera can be nerve-racking! With Morgan’s direct experience with posing for her competitions and taking her clients through posing practice she has brought that skill into her photography work.

Morgan feels so grateful that she has been able to incorporate the facets of what she loves (photography) and who she is passionate about serving (women in transition) into her work.

“There is no better feeling of when you can help someone feel special, confident, and deserving.”

Morgan’s work is to help women address and heal from their trauma and setbacks. To help them choose and show up for themselves, evolving from their past experience into the most resilient and most vibrant versions of themselves.