Glam Tape Shoot

How to book a shoot:

  1. Please select a time to speak with Morgan on the booking calendar so you can discuss the details of your shoot and arrange the best day and time.
  2. Prepare any questions you may have
  3. Please be ready to discuss the following with Morgan:
    – optimal location time for the best conditions such as lighting
    – the location you wish to shoot and whether it is far away and will require more time for travel
    – whether you require a weekend shoot as this may have additional costs
  4. After selecting your booking time, head to the check-out & make payment

$949.00 4 hours 30 minutes



  • 4.5 hour shoot at up to 2 locations (within 5km radius)
  • Tape suit application (takes approx 1hr to apply)
  • Glam make-up application inc lashes
  • Total time for shoot is 3.5 – 4hrs
  • 12 edited high res JPEG images


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